Welcome, Fellow Fomo’er!

I don’t know how you came here, but I’m super stoked that you’ve found me through all the crypto noise that is out there…

My name is Jiri and apart from being a world vagabond, optimist, and father, I would also be the worst investment advisor to follow…

That Fomo is Real!?

Although I graduated with a Master’s degree in Finance & Investments and started mining Bitcoins back in 2013 (when the price was just shy of $1000 USD), my overall returns are probably among the worst to be found…

butterfly labs fomo is real bitcoin miner
Mining in 2013 be like

How can that happen, you ask? Well, that FOMO is REAL.

Being an emotional guy, that never wants to miss out, I seem to always be buying at the top, and selling at the worst possible moments…

Or I would put my freshly mined coins on a sketchy exchange instead of a hardware wallet, and the founders of the exchange made a run with all my coins…

Or I would buy the next crypto course from another guru that my grandma could have done better…

Or writing content with an Artifical Intelligent generator and having Google penalize the site for it….

Or I heard somebody talk about that new hype called NFT and for months (heck even years) I did nothing and just watched it go by until I could not ignore it any longer and would buy the worst NFTs that are down at least 5 ETH…

Sounds familiar?

I feel you! Stories like this are not uncommon but boy did I learn my lesson.

And that brings me to That Fomo Is Real, where I am going to share the good, bad, and ugly in crypto without the getting-rich-quick schemes. Real stories without pretending you can make 1000% returns in 24 hours.

With the start of this website, I vowed to start doing thorough research instead of jumping on the next best shit-coin, to hopefully, start putting my eggs in better baskets…

So again, welcome!

You can consider me and my team as your new (e-)friends who share real tips based on real experiences that we gained while on this rollercoaster of a journey.

Yes, mostly lessons learned from my mistakes, so you don’t have to make them yourself (although I believe that making mistakes can be super valuable).

And most of all, I’ll be your guide on how to deal with that FOMO that rules our days and nights.

We say FONOMORE here! What we do is well-thought-out, researched, and gives you the confidence to keep your head steady when needed.

TIME TO Quiet that Fomo

Now that you know a bit more about me and what this website is about, it’s time to explore!

That Fomo Is Real is full of incredible ideas, case studies, tools, and resources. So let your curiosity and intuition guide you around this site or start with my most popular posts below.

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Thank you for joining me on this journey

I know there are hundreds of crypto blogs and NFT resources you could have been visiting and therefore I am grateful you are here. I will make it worth your while, without the bullshit and especially without the FOMO!

Prepare to FONOMORE!