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14 Best AI Story Generators with Instructions for Incredible Stories

An AI Story Generator is a powerful tool for creating compelling stories. It uses artificial intelligence to generate story ideas and develop them into complete stories with very little effort and involvement from the user.

For example, you can give it some basic parameters such as the characters, setting, and genre of story you’re looking to create, and then let the AI take over. It will come up with characters and plot points, create dialogue, and even suggest settings.

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I imagine them looking a bit like this…

You can customize the story as much or as little as you like, making it an excellent way to quickly generate original stories without having to do all of the hard work yourself. If you’re looking for a great way to jumpstart your writing process or even just get some fresh story ideas, an AI Story Generator is definitely worth a try!

What is a Story Generator?

Let me ask this question to the AI generator itself! Hey AI, what’s an AI story generator?

what is an ai story generator explained

“An AI story generator is a program or system that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically generate stories or written content. These programs can use natural language processing (NLP), story generator algorithms, and machine learning techniques to understand and analyze text, and then generate new text that is coherent and coherently structured in the form of a story. Some AI story generators are designed to generate stories in specific genres or styles, while others can generate stories on a variety of topics.”

Pretty impressive right? Think of the ways this will change the writing landscape, or maybe even, our future.

Why Use an AI Story Generator?

Now, this is probably kicking in an open door, but here are some reasons you might want to use an AI Story Generator from our list:

  • AI story generators make it easy to create stories and characters quickly. With an AI story generator, you can generate a compelling storyline with fully fleshed-out characters in just minutes.
  • If you’re stuck for ideas, AI story generators are the perfect way to get your creative juices flowing again. By providing randomly generated prompts and options, AI story generators can spark your imagination and help you come up with new ideas.
  • AI story generators can help you develop characters that feel more realistic and engaging. By providing pre-set character archetypes and options for customizing personalities, AI story generators can help bring your characters to life.
  • AI story generators are great for writers of all skill levels, from beginners who need basic structure and guidance to experienced authors who want to play around with different ideas.
  • AI story generators provide an objective viewpoint when it comes to critiquing stories, allowing users to easily identify flaws or areas of improvement in their work.
  • AI story generators can be used to generate as many stories as you need, making them perfect for short-story writing contests or other similar projects where a large volume of content is required.
  • AI story generators are great for teaching and learning – by providing detailed examples and guidance on how to create compelling stories, they make it easier than ever before to hone your storytelling skills.

We’ve done all the hard work for you and have rounded up some of the best software available. With these tools, you’ll be able to come up with creative and unique stories in no time.

Top AI story Generators in 2023

Find our list of best AI story generators that we have ranked according to their functionality, usage, and adoption here. Please let us know in the comments if we are missing any story generators and we’ll check them out.

1. Rytr

rytr ai

Rytr AI is the top-ranked story-writing assistant on our list. With Rytr AI, you can create amazing stories with the ease in just a few steps: first, select the type of story you want to write. Then, enter your story’s title and add some keywords to give Rytr AI an idea of what your story is about. Finally, start writing! Here’s how easy it works:

ai story generators rytr

Rytr AI provides helpful ideas and suggestions as you write, so you can create the perfect story. Here’s what Rytr said about using AI generators to create stories, taken from the above test example:

“By utilizing artificial intelligence and natural language processing, these tools can generate stories with greater accuracy and speed than ever before. With AI story generators, writers no longer need to spend hours crafting a narrative or worrying about coming up with new ideas – they can simply rely on AI-generated content to quickly create engaging stories that will captivate their audience.

Pricing Rytr: Free – $9/month – $29/month

rytr ai story generator pricing plans

You can generate up to 10k characters per month on the free plan and upgrade to a premium plan for unlimited usage which starts at $9/m. Rytr seems to offer one of the most cost-effective solutions in the market to give you the most bang for your buck, or in this case, words.


content box ai takes second place due to the combination of its high speed and the quality of generated content. It uses advanced machine-learning technology to generate creative, yet accurate content based on the topics and keywords you provide.

All you need to do is input your topic into its interface and it will create a draft for you in minutes. Furthermore, it comes with built-in plagiarism detection so you can make sure your content is unique and interesting.

ContextBox Pricing: $49/month – $69/month – $129/month

contentbox ai story generator pricing

3. SassBook AI Writer

sassbook ai

SassBook AI Writer AI is a powerful artificial intelligence-powered writing assistant designed for fiction authors. It gives you the ability to quickly write stories, develop characters, and create memorable plots.

It’s ranked highly on our list because it provides authors with an easy way to generate ideas for their stories and develop them into complete works of fiction.

Sassbook Pricing: free – $39/month – $59/month

sassbook pricing story writing generated

4. Growth Bar

growthbar ai

Growth Bar is an AI-powered writing platform that helps you write faster, better, and more efficiently without compromising quality.

It leverages machine learning technology to analyze your keywords, topics, layout preferences, and more to create high-quality content quickly and accurately. All you need to do is enter your topic into its interface and it will generate a draft for you in no time.

Pricing Growth Bar: $29/month – $79/month – $129/month

growthbar pricing story generator by ai

5. StoryLab

storylab ai

StoryLab is an AI-based tool for quickly creating stories from existing data sets or templates. To use it, first create a template that includes all the elements you want in your story (such as characters, plot points, and settings). The program will then generate a complete story using the data in your template.

Pricing StoryLab: Free – $5/month – $15/month – $19/month

story lab ai generator pricing

6. Writesonic

writesonic ai

Writesonic is an AI-based story generator that helps writers create stories quickly and easily. To use it, simply enter your topic or keywords and the program will generate a story based on them. You can then customize the narrative further by adjusting settings such as dialogue, setting, and plot elements.

Pricing Writesonice: Free – Paid according to Words Used

7. DeepStory

deepstory ai

DeepStory AI is an artificial intelligence platform built to generate stories from a given dataset. Using DeepStory AI is simple: all you need to do is upload your data and let the AI do the rest. It will analyze the data, extract insights, and generate stories based on those insights.

You can then review the generated stories and make changes or adjustments as needed. This tool is ranked third as its AI perfectly detects patterns in the data that may not be apparent to the human eye, providing you with more creative story angles to explore.

Pricing Deepstory: Free – €12.99/month

8. Simplified

This platform provides a unique way of generating stories by allowing users to interact with virtual characters to create their own narratives.

To use Simplified, simply select any character from its library and start your story. You can then adjust settings such as dialogue, setting, and plot elements to customize your story further.

Pricing Simplified: Free – $21/month – $35/month – $85/month

9. INK

ink ai generator

A web-based tool designed to help writers brainstorm ideas for their stories quickly and easily. To use Ink, simply enter a keyword related to your topic of choice and the tool will generate several relevant suggestions for you to choose from.

Pricing Ink: $39/month – $99/month

10. Copysmith

copysmith ai

Copysmith is a content writing platform that helps you generate articles and blog posts in just minutes. It uses AI to generate original, high-quality content based on your keywords, topics, and style preferences.

All you have to do is enter the topic you want to write about and Copysmith will create a draft for you in no time. Furthermore, it has built-in plagiarism checking so you can make sure your content is unique and interesting.

Pricing Rytr: Free – $9/month – $29/month

11. Shortly AI

shortly ai

An AI-powered writing assistant designed to help improve productivity and accuracy when it comes to writing. To use Shortly AI, simply enter your topic or keywords and the program will generate ideas for you to expand on. It also offers natural language processing capabilities to help you create more accurate content.

Pricing Shoryly AI: $65/month – $79/month

12. Copy AI

copyai generator

Copy AI is an artificial intelligence tool designed specifically for copywriting. It leverages natural language processing technology to get an understanding of the user’s intent behind each sentence or phrase they input into its interface.

You can use it to create high-quality content quickly. All you need to do is enter your keyword and Copy AI will generate a draft for you in no time.

Pricing Copy AI: Free – $49/month

13. Blogely

blogely ai

A free online platform Blogely provides templates and tools to help writers quickly generate unique stories from any keyword or phrase.

To use it, all you need to do is enter a brief description of your desired topic and the program will provide you with several story outlines, characters, settings, and plot points to choose from. You can then customize these elements further and craft your own narrative.

Pricing Blogely: $29/month – $59/month – $99/month

14. Dashword

dashword ai

Dashword is an AI-driven content generation platform that helps you create content faster and more efficiently without compromising quality.

It uses advanced machine learning technology to generate creative, yet accurate content based on the topics and keywords you provide. All you need to do is enter your keyword and Dashword will generate a draft for you in no time.

Pricing Rytr: $99/month – $699/month

Choosing the Best AI STORY Generator Step-By-Step

Read the steps below on how to choose the best AI story generator for your writing needs. Whether it is a romantic novel, futuristic sci-fi, or academic essay, these AI bots will generate your next best piece of writing.

Step 1: Decide on the story type

Identify the type of story you want to create. Do you want a traditional narrative, a dialogue-based story, or something else? Consider the different types of AI story generators available and decide which one is best suited for your needs.

Step 2: Analyse available tools

Look at the features each generator offers and compare them to determine which one will produce the most appropriate results for your project. Pay particular attention to any customization options that each generator provides so you can tailor it to fit your specific requirements.

Step 3: Test your options

Test out as many AI story generators as possible before making a decision. Evaluate their accuracy in generating stories and identify any common flaws or errors that appear in their output, then choose the one that works best for your goals.

Step 4: Check user reviews

Read through any available user reviews and feedback from other users who have used the same AI story generator you’re considering. This can help you identify any potential problems or difficulties so you can make an informed decision about whether it’s the right choice for your project.

Step 5: Talk to an expert

Ask for advice from experienced professionals in the field if possible, they may be able to give you insight into which AI story generator is best suited for your needs as the writing industry is also moving into these unexplored territories.

Step 6: Experiment with settings

Once you’ve chosen a suitable AI story generator, use it as much as possible to get familiar with its capabilities and improve your own storytelling skills. Experiment with different settings and inputs, and explore new ways of generating stories that take advantage of the features available.

Step 7: Review and enjoy your work

Finally, don’t forget to have fun! AI story generators can open up a world of possibilities for creative storytelling, so take advantage of the opportunity and see where your imagination takes you. But at the same time keep in mind, it is written by AI so if you want to publish it with your stamp of approval make sure to check all work thoroughly before putting it out there. Good luck!

Creating an Original Story with AI

Creating a completely original story with an AI generator is easier than it sounds. All you need to do is provide the AI generator with some basic information about your intended story and characters, and let it take care of the rest.

For example, if you want to create a sci-fi adventure story, you could provide the AI generator with descriptions of your characters, a brief description of what kind of world they inhabit, and any other details that will help it put together a unique plot. You can also give the generator hints or keywords related to what type of events or themes you would like included in the story.

Once the generator has all the necessary information, it will come up with creative ways to combine these elements into an exciting story. It will also develop a unique set of characters with individual backgrounds and motivations to drive the plot forward.

This can create a story that is both emotionally engaging and thought-provoking, like no other one you’ve read before. And best of all, it only takes a few minutes to get started. Let’s test it out together:

Prompt: Hey AI Story Generator, can you write me a romantic novel story about an AI Story Robot meeting the love of his life?
example prompt ai story generator

Pretty amazing, right!? So why not give it a try and see what kind of amazing stories your AI generator can come up with? You might be surprised at how creative the results are.

You can also experiment with different types of AI generators to explore the possibilities. Some AI generators are better suited for creating fantasy stories, while others may be more effective at generating horror or mystery tales. And even for creating children’s stories with artwork, or for adding images to your stories, an AI image generator would be the perfect addition to your writing workflow.

Try a few out and see what kind of stories you can create. Who knows, maybe you could turn one of your generated stories into a best-seller…

Let us know your ai prompts, test, and links to your new book in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!