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7 Best AI Drawing Generators with Incredible Results

Are you an artist looking for a creative boost? Or maybe you simply want to try something new and interesting? Then you might benefit from AI drawing generators.

These tools use artificial intelligence to generate amazing artwork from your images or texts. In this article, we’ll be exploring the best AI drawing generators that will give you incredible results. Let’s dive in!

7 best AI drawing generators to check out

Similar to video generators, there is a huge choice of image generators available today. Below, you will find an overview of the best AI tools for artists, designers, and people of other creative professions.

To compare drawing generators, we used the same prompt for each tool — “draw a young man wandering in the high mountains”.


OpenArt AI stands out from our list of drawing generators as it can take text input and transform it into an image, as well as convert an existing image into something new. This makes OpenArt AI very versatile.

openai drawing generator
Prompt: Draw a young man wandering in the high mountains

Besides, its interface is very straightforward to use. OpenArt AI is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-use yet powerful drawing generator. It gives about 1,000 credits for new users, so you can try it absolutely for free.


Craiyon is another powerful AI tool for generating drawing images. With Craiyon, you can create not only drawing images, but also web graphics, logos, infographics, and more.

craiyon drawing generator
Prompt: Draw a young man wandering in the high mountains

Craiyon ranks second on our list because produces a very precise output according to your specific prompts. What’s more, Craiyon is free, which allows users to explore its features without spending money upfront.


The AI technology behind Fotor allows it to generate a unique piece of art. It does this by learning from different artistic styles, so no two drawings will ever be quite the same.

fotor ai generator
Prompt: Draw a young man wandering in the high mountains

With Fotor, you can adjust various details, effects, and compositions to truly make the artwork your own. All you have to do is provide a detailed prompt for the AI engine and Fotor will do the rest.

NightCafe Creator

NightCafe Creator provides you with the ability to choose from several AI of algorithms, including Coherent, Stable Diffusion, and SDXL Beta, to create your masterpiece. You can also manually adjust the parameters to customize your artwork even further.

nightcafe creator ai generator
Prompt: Draw a young man wandering in the high mountains

You can easily modify the textures and scenery based on the descriptive keywords you are using. The drawing generated by NightCafe Creator will always be something new and unexpected — perfect for those who want to explore their creative side.


DeepAI has a very simple user interface, you’ll create artwork that looks professional and polished in no time. Plus, DeepAI uses deep learning technology to generate high-quality images with realistic proportions and textures.

deepai drawing
Prompt: Man wandering in the high mountains

However, you may find that the drawing generated by DeepAI does not exactly match your initial prompt. If this happens, don’t worry — simply make a few modifications to the prompt and try again.


With StarryAI, you can create up to 5 artworks per day without any watermarks, giving you full ownership of the creations you make. You will also have plenty of freedom when customizing your own artwork. Users can choose from different models, styles, aspect ratios, and initial images for you to choose from and customize their masterpiece.

starryai drawing generator
Prompt: Draw a young man wandering in the high mountains

With StarryAI, you can make your creations truly yours. Unlike other programs that may place restrictions on how your artwork is used, StarryAI gives you full ownership and complete control.

Hotpot AI has become a popular tool for generating drawings thanks to its basic interface. It is perfect for amateurs but yet powered by advanced machine learning algorithms which can generate high-quality images with minimal effort.

hotpot ai drawing generator
Prompt: Draw a young man wandering in the high mountains

With Hotpot AI, you can quickly sketch out ideas, get auto-suggestions, save or share your creations on social media. As with all the other tools mentioned above, this generator gives you free credits to use.

How AI drawing generators help you become a better artist

With AI drawing generators, you can become a better artist. They allow you to explore more creative possibilities, get inspired faster and automate tedious tasks for speedier workflows. And best of all, you might even find yourself creating entirely new styles of art.

What’s more, if you add a generated voiceover to your images, you can create amazing videos for any purpose you might have. As you see, the AI world offers endless possibilities.

More imaginative artwork

AI tools can help you come up with new ideas faster and explore different creative possibilities. You could use an AI generator to quickly create rough sketches or outlines of potential artwork, then refine them into the finished product. This will help you push your creative boundaries and produce more imaginative art. 

Artist block buster

If you’re ever experiencing artist block, AI drawing generators can provide a quick shot of inspiration. They can pull images from large repositories of artwork to give you fresh ideas for how to approach a project or piece. These tools can also be used as a form of digital sketching. So you can rapidly experiment with shapes and color palettes until something sparks your imagination. 

Automate repetitive tasks

AI drawing generators can automate and streamline many of the tedious tasks involved in creating artwork, such as shading and blending colors or handling complex geometric shapes. This will free up your time to focus on more challenging aspects of the work. Plus, you’ll be able to make sure that no detail is overlooked during production. 

Create new styles

As mentioned before, one of the most exciting things about AI drawing generators is their potential to create entirely new styles of art. By combining existing pieces from different sources, a generator can produce something totally unique. With this tool, you’ll explore uncharted territories in your artistic journey. 

Speed up your workflow

Lastly, AI drawing generators can significantly speed up your workflow. You no longer have to manually draw each element or spend hours adjusting the details of a piece. Instead, it can be done in minutes with just a few clicks. This will save you time and energy, helping you produce more artwork in less time. 

Hacks to generate a stunning drawing with AI

Sometimes, it’s hard to get what you really want from AI. Even if you are using precise prompts with detailed explanations, it doesn’t always guarantee that the result will be what you really expect. To get better drawings from AI generators, try following the tips below.

Use sketch modes

Some AI drawing generators have different sketch modes, such as vector or rasterized images that can be used to get more detailed drawings. Selecting one of these can help you achieve a higher quality result than using the default setting.

Adjust pixel-level settings

Most tools allow you to adjust settings such as brush size, line thickness, color scheme and more in order to customize your output results according to your preferences. Experimenting with different settings can help you get better drawings.

Choose a suitable style

AI generators typically come with several styles to choose from. For example, they can be cartoons, comic book, realistic, etc. Select the right style for your image is essential to get an aesthetically pleasing drawing.

Increase resolution or size

Increasing the resolution of your image will allow the generator to capture more details from it, resulting in a better output result. Moreover, increasing the size of the canvas can also help you get a larger and more detailed picture.

Play around with color palettes

Usually, there are several color palettes to choose from, ranging from monochrome to full spectrum. With the right color palette, you can achieve a richer and more vibrant drawing.

Use filters for enhancement

Filter options allow users to enhance their drawing results further by adjusting hue, brightness, saturation, and more according to their needs. Try these filters to add extra dimension and vibrancy to your artwork.

Reference images

Referring to existing images of the same subject can help you get a better idea of how to adjust settings and achieve a similar output result. It is also a great way to practice and gain experience in using AI drawing generators.

Get your creativity flowing with AI

The use of an AI drawing generator has become a game-changer for artists and creatives, revolutionizing the way they approach their work and dramatically increasing their creative output. AI Drawing generators offer an extensive database of images, styles, and themes that can be easily explored, providing a wealth of inspiration for artists who may face creative blocks or are seeking fresh ideas.

AI drawing generators enable artists to experiment with different styles and techniques effortlessly. Artists can simply input their desired parameters, such as colors, brush strokes, and composition, and the AI generator can generate multiple variations of the same concept in different styles.

This allows artists to quickly explore various artistic styles and techniques that they may not have considered before, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones and expand their creative horizons.

best ai drawing generators midjourney robot

Moreover, AI drawing generators can also serve as effective educational tools for artists. They can be used as a learning aid for understanding different artistic techniques and styles, providing a visual representation of how different elements work together in a composition.

Artists can use AI drawing generators to experiment with different visual elements, analyze the results, and learn from them to enhance their artistic skills and improve their creativity.

In conclusion, AI drawing generators offer a plethora of benefits that can significantly increase the creative output of artists. Embracing AI drawing generators will be a valuable addition to an artist’s toolkit, enhancing their artistic process and unlocking new realms of creativity. If you’re not with them, it’ll eventually stack against you so embrace this new era and get your creative AI on!