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13 Best NFT Books to Get Started with NFT’s quickly

Unless you have been living underneath some tech-free rock, you’re bound to have come across the new investment darling: NFT’s – or Non-Fungible Tokens.

Now, there are people out there who seem way ahead of the NFT game, let’s be real they’ve been going for a lot longer than the media would have let you on to believe but for people new to the NFT market they can be really confusing in the beginning. This is where old-school education comes to play. That’s right NFT books. Old meets digital new baby.

There’s something that a book has that just can’t be beaten when you’re trying to wrap your head around something complicated like how NFT’s actually work!

But don’t you worry, I’ve done all the hard work for you and trawled the obscene number of ‘NFT’s for beginners’ guides and NFT books that are currently available (it seems like everybody wants to write an NFT book nowadays).

I can guarantee you that not every book or guide is of quality, and I read a ton of them to make sure that both the books that I shared below have 1) the correct information and 2) contain information that has actual value.

I also provide my two cents on each NFT book so you can make a quick and easy selection of which book has value for you personally. Knowledge is power if you want to be at the forefront of what is coming, reading at least a book or two about NFT’s is a perfect starting point!

The Best NFT Books to Become an Expert

So, are you’re ready to finally wrap your head around NFT’s and get in on this high risk, but super high reward investment game, then one of the books could be the key to unlocking how you look at crypto art and how you can make money from it.

So without further ado, here’s my NFT book list of 2022:

The NFT handbook (2022)

Author: Nathan Real

NFT handbook nathan real

From NFT basics to how to make money off of your very own NFT’s, this book is an all-around guide to everything you could possibly need to know about the world of non-fungible tokens. Written by a team of experts in this crypto investment field, you can trust that the knowledge contained within the pages is top-notch.

This book claims to allow the reader access to high-level information and learn the great secrets that give you the power to excel in this investment world. If reader reviews are anything to go by, this book is going down a storm with people like yourself who want to know everything there is to know about NFT’s.

Even better, this book seems to get updated every year, giving you a fresh thumb on NFT trends so you don’t get left behind or miss out on the next big thing.


NFT for beginners

Author: Sam Nakamoto

NFT for beginners book sam nakamoto

Even though a quick google will give you millions of NFT descriptions, there are still thousands of people scratching their heads with confusion when it comes to non-fungible tokens, what they do, and how you can make actual money with them. Enter Sam Nakamoto’s NFT For Beginners Guide.

This guide is fantastically comprehensive but without all the technical jargon that most of us just don’t understand. With information running from the history of NFT’s, right through to learning more about NFT investments.

Now this book will not make you an expert but it’s a great place to start for people who are struggling to understand NFT’s and how they work. The perfect guide for true beginners.


NFT & Cryptoart

Author: Daniel L. Bray

NFT and crypto ard daniel bray

This NFT guide, written by Daniel L. Bray, is one of the most popular books on my list. Pulling in lots of purchases and great reviews on Amazon, and it seems like for good reason. Daniel L. Bray breaks down the world of NFT’s and crypto art, shedding away the jargon, and leaving behind the information you actually want to know.

Again, you won’t be an expert by the time you finish this book but the author’s no-nonsense and practical approach to helping the readers understand this digital world is perfect for beginners. He even goes into depth about the entire crypto industry and shares some really useful tips and tricks for beginner investors who are just starting out.

If you’re looking for a book that gives you step-by-step instructions on how you can succeed in the NFT industry, reasons behind crypto arts popularity, and how to choose the right NFT market for you – all without that dreaded jargon – then this is a good one to start with.


Non-fungible tokens explained

Author: William Ellis

Non-fungibale tokens book explained william ellis

This practical guide, written by William Ellis, is the book for you if you just want to understand what non-fungible tokens are. There’s very little jargon in this book and the small amount that is there is fully explained to the reader. So going forward you understand what that crypto blog is talking about.

This book will explain what NFTs are, how they work, why they are pretty controversial in the investment world, and why you can make so much money on something that you can’t physically hold in your own two hands.

If you aren’t a complete NFT newbie, this book is going to be a little too simple for you but if you are starting at ground zero, with not a lick of NFT investing knowledge it’s a simple beginners breakdown of everything you need to know about how these wonderful little digital money makers work. As an extra little bonus, this book also tells you how to create your own NFTs so you can start with a real bang.


Mastering NFT: Create and Sell Non-fungible Tokens

Mastering NFT Crypto Art

Author: Crypto Art AI

If you feel like you have a solid base of understanding when it comes to NFTs and you’re ready to start creating your own, this guide to creating and selling non-fungible tokens by Crypto Art Ai is the one for you.

This book is a real treasure trove of knowledge. Filled with information about NFT markets and the right platforms to sell your own NFTs on, plus all the information you could need to create your money-making NFT.

This is a book both for relative beginners and more experienced investors. Covering a wide variety of industry aspects, this guide is an excellent little piece of informational arsenal to have in your back pocket, regardless of whether you are an investor or a seller.


NFT Art and Collectibles for Beginners

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Author: Chris Collins

This beginners guide, written by Chris Collins, is an excellent comprehensive book perfect for beginners and those with little experience in the NFT world. With some really promising reader reviews on Amazon, it’s a good book to have on your bookshelf.

Claiming to debunk NFT myths, while teaching you briefly about their history, introducing you to key terms and jargon, and even helping you discover the actual risks that are involved when investing in this relatively new market. The author doesn’t dance around hard-to-understand topics by adding fluffy word filler but gets straight to the point.

NFT art and collectibles for beginners is a great book for both beginners and those well-experienced as it goes over current NFT trends, Ethereal tokens, and their role in the non-fungible token industry. If you’re looking for a seriously detailed manual, this one won’t disappoint.

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Cryptocurrency and NFT Investing for Teenagers

NFT investing for teenagers alexander knight

Author: Alexander Knight

It’s no secret that the number of teenagers getting in on the NFT game is increasing, and fast. As this book so simply puts it, ‘being a teenager is among the best times to invest – you have virtually no expenses and have all the time on your side’. This has been proved over and over again with the increase of teenagers becoming multi-millionaires thanks to NFTs and cryptocurrency.

Although this book is directed towards teenagers, it’s an excellent book for any age. Its simplicity means anyone has the opportunity to learn about this industry without much of a struggle and as the book says, we adults just don’t have the time to spend months trying to get a handle on how this industry works.

With information on bitcoin and blockchain, how to create NFTs, and how to buy and invest in bitcoin. This guide isn’t just about NFTs but it is an excellent place to start if you have zero knowledge about the NFT and cryptocurrency industry.


NFT For Beginners

NFT for beginners book griffin foster

Author: Griffin Foster

NFT for beginners, by Griffin Foster, is a newly updated 2022 beginners guide chock full of all the information a newbie to this industry could possibly need. Specifically marketed towards those who have absolutely no knowledge about the industry, this could be the ultimate beginner’s tome for those ready to dip their toes in.

Covering topics such as cryptocurrency mining, the ethereal virtual machine, and the fundamentals of cryptocurrency and blockchain – this really gives you a lot of informational bang for your buck. We all know that the NFT market is a risky beast, but this book goes into detail about how you can create, buy, trade, and sell NFTs at low risk – or at least lower than the normal level of risk in this industry.

It really is a guide that covers more than you’d expect. IF you’re a total newbie or have a little bit of knowledge squirreled away, this book can clear up any confusion you may still have over this millionaire makers industry.


The NFT Revolution: Crypto Art Edition

book the nft revolution crypto art

Author: Crypto Dukedom

Both practical and comprehensive, this guide is split into three loos sections. Firstly, you get stuck in the technical backgrounds of NFTs and the crypto industry. The second section helps you understand how to set up your first crypto wallet and NFT tokens, and the final section is full of success stories that give the reader the motivation needed to get started.

Well-researched and with lots of positive reviews backing up how useful and full of information this guide is, I have to say this book seems like it has it all. Step-by-step, beginning-to-end instructions for how artists and creators can start their first NFTs and sell them for profit while including all the knowledge you could ever need to understand the fickle beast that is NFT investing.

This all-around guide is perfect for both beginners and those with a decent bit of knowledge. Crypto Dukedom has done a wonderful job at making, what seems like a confusing market, simple and easy to understand.


NFT Blueprint Cryptocurrency Investing for Beginners

nft blueprint cryptocurrency investing for beginners

Author: Freedom Economics Publications

This guide by Freedom Economics Publications is a pretty hefty tome, with 344 pages of information – so it’s not for those who are looking for a quick and easy afternoon read. However, it is still pretty concise with the knowledge stuffed inside each page.

It contains everything you need to know as a beginner to the non-fungible token market and also walks you through how you can profit from this market. Regardless of whether you are an artist, musician, designer, or just an investor.

Coming from the perspective of someone who views NFT trading much like it is for those who collect physical art – digital Mona Lisa anyone? This book is for beginners and intermediate non-fungible token investors and creators.


NFT the Easy Investing Guide for Beginners

The easy NFT investing guide for beginners william devito

Author: William Rick DeVito

Has the boom of millionaire investors over the pandemic piqued your interest? Perhaps you’ve heard the twittering about NFTs and their investment possibilities? However, you came across this lucrative and adrenaline-filled market is a simple, yet info-packed guide, to help you navigate through this new digital venture.

Throwing that overly-technical and jargon-heavy language out of the window, William Rick DeVito has written a book that really does break everything down into easy-to-digest, bite-sized pieces. Although he does state he is not a financial advisor and the book is entirely his own opinion on the industry, with a chock of positive reviews, this book is climbing the ranks of popular NFT books.

Perfect for complete beginners who need a good, knowledgeable hand to hold as they are walked through every step of what NFTs are, how they work, and how you can take advantage of the current crypto boom we are experiencing.


Non-Fungible Token Investing Mastery

non fungiable token investing mastery cameron belford

Author: Cameron Belford

This NFT guidebook is one for those of us who have little time to be sitting around trying to unravel the mysteries of the NFT and crypto industry. With only 138 pages, it’s impressive the level of information that’s been jam-packed into this book – yet still avoids overwhelming the readers.

This NFT book covers almost everything you could possibly need to know. Starting with the history and basics of blockchain, explaining the difference between blockchain and database, and how crypto tokens work. This book also gives the reader a step-by-step guide to trading non-fungible tokens and investing in NFTs.

I’d go as far as saying this is a book that both beginners will get a lot from but there could also be plenty of information in here that those who have spent a few months in this world could still value.


Blockchain Basics Bible

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Author: Nakamoto Hasegawa

Last but definitely not least is the Blockchain Basics Bible, written by Nakamoto Hasegawa. This insanely informative book isn’t just about NFTs, so if you are looking for an NFT only book it may not be what you’re looking for, although I beg you to reconsider.

This book teaches the reader all they need to know about the beginnings of blockchain and makes it an easy-to-grasp topic for beginners. It also goes into depth about crypto mining and how you can start making some serious profit right now.

This book is not only useful for beginners interested in NFTs but also cryptocurrency in general because let’s be real right now, they both go hand in hand, and if you don’t at least understand the basics of both sides of the coin it can be very difficult to break into this risky industry without losing all your money.

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Are You NFT Ready?

The NFT industry can be a hard nut to crack if you aren’t naturally technologically minded. With all the jargon and confusing terms making it even harder for beginners to understand how these markets really work, it can be really trusting in the beginning if you don’t have a little help.

With the industry booming and showing no signs of slowing down, the number of incredibly helpful and informational books arre also rising.

Yes, you can find out everything with a fairly quick google search but let us be honest, nothing quite beats sitting down with a book when you’re ready to learn something new, right? Whether that is about NFTs or blockchain, or the newly hyped metaverse books, this information can really help you get a head start.

What have been your best resources to learn more about NFT’s? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!